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  • Can I add Photos to any shirt or fleece?
    The answer is simple yes you can! The great thing about this its simple email in an attached photo file and 50 words meaning text and within 24hrs you'll recieve mock up version of the design. If this Design works for you then it will be produced and shipped within a 3 to 5 days due to your customization request.
  • Can I customize a Graphic Tee?
    Yes you can you just have to email in your inquire first and explain within limit what it is that you would like to add. There is a two word max policy and the shirt has to keep the orginal logo stamp, but were open to ideas so email us.
  • Can I get overnight shipping ?
    Yes, but the order must be made before 2pm and that will guarantee ontime shipping Monday- Friday.
  • Is it true that Lost Tj's Clothing LLC gives a percentage of its proceeds made from each shirt to the ADAA to help raise awareness at a national level?
    Yes this is true. Each shirt donates 2$US dollar to the ADAA to help raise awareness and support those that are in need suffering from depression and anxiety.
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